video premiere: soulful rock singer mayaeni takes aim in her new video for “shooter”

February 3, 2017

Mayaeni has been making moves! The Detroit singer-songwriter has been all over the country, getting to know her fans and this latest video is an ode of sorts to that experience. Her EP “Elocution” laid the groundwork for some outstanding shows and it’s no question that she feels at home onstage. When asked about how she feels about where she is right now and the inspiration behind this video, she says, “The most inspiring aspect about music is being able to connect with people. When I toured this past year, I had the opportunity to connect with so many different people night after night. My 5 song EP “Elocution” was like a little introduction to myself & as the last video release for this project, it feels appropriate for a montage of my live shows. It gave me the utmost inspiration to create new music that I will be sharing later this year.” So not only do we get to revel in her unbelievable beauty and the sun-drenched voice she possesses, but new music is also on the way! Stream Mayaeni’s video for “Shooter” and get to know her via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Directed By: Charles Todd for Scheme Engine
Cinematography: Ben Vogel for Scheme Engine
Colorist: Thomas Stigler