video premiere: alternative artist fusilier is bringing funky vibes and commentary on colorism in new video for ‘make you’

February 24, 2017

Imagine someone asking you, “You’re black and gay. How does it feel to have two things wrong with you?” with a straight face. Imagine feeling anger coiling within you and frustration with so many things about the question that you want to lash out and rid yourself of their negativity. Now imagine internalizing it and using it to make some hard hitting experimental R&B and electronica, and you’ve got Fusilier, the Atlanta-born, Brooklyn-based talent looking to make a name for himself in a sea of the same.

Growing up in the peak of Atlanta’s original entertainment boom, with the sounds of LaFace and SoSoDef dominating the airwaves, Fusilier had every right to pick up the mantle of the sonics around him, but chose to endeavor into rock. But after one of his bandmates asked him the aforementioned question, he went searching deep within for answers to that question, only to find that the best way he could combat the closed-minded nature of that remark was to make music that expressed all of his identity, upbringing, and life–to be unapologetically himself. ‘Make You’ is the song that is a part of that journey to self expression and, Fusilier’s visual for ‘Make You’ explores themes of race, respectability politics & colorism using a subversive humor to accomplish this goal. While it pays homage to icons like MJ and Beyoncé, we get to see Fusilier reveling in his full self with a very awkward and very captivating and choreographed charm. Stream the video below and get to know Fusilier via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor