this white south african dj says she’s black

February 16, 2017

Race is weird and tricky and convoluted and means different things to different people, and even differently to folks in different countries. In South Africa, a commercial house DJ named Anita Ronge and more commonly known as Kasi Mlungu or DJ DuchAz has claimed that she is often criticized for not being Black enough. The issue is that she’s supposedly not Black at all. As a white South African, she can “act Black” by adopting Black customs and slang, surrounding herself with Black people, and reaping the benefits of the white privilege she possesses without the discrimination of the Black culture she’s stealing from. By calling herself Black or even calling herself “Kasi” the South African slang for township, co-opting native South African culture, and capitalizing off of it for personal gain, she’s taking her rightful place in the perpetuation of colonialism. White folks who call themselves Black or honorary Black are culture vultures, waiting to pounce on any opportunity to propel themselves, rather than do work to liberate those who they get their livelihoods from exploiting. So Kasi Mlungu or Anita Ronge, or whoever she feels like being today, take off the traditional dress and think before you speak. Because you ain’t Black, boo.

Source: The Daily Vox