sean spicer on detention of 5-year-old: assuming kids don’t pose a threat would be “misguided”

February 2, 2017

No one is safe. I repeat, no one is safe. Not women, not Black and Brown people, not Muslims, and apparently, not even children. White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been making quite a name for himself with alternative facts and blatant lies alike, but this is a new low. As if the travel ban on Muslim countries wasn’t enough, Spicer has defended the decision by his administration to detain a 5 year old saying that assuming kids don’t pose a threat would be “misguided.” What’s misguided is allowing a parrot to hold the position of White House press secretary. What’s misguided is a travel ban singling out Muslim countries at all, but especially misguided is excluding the countries in the region where the president has vested financial interests. Misguided is this whole administration and party. But misguided might not be a heavy enough word to encompass that.