rincon sapiência stirs up the brazilian rap scene with awesome new hit “ponta de lança”

February 28, 2017

Having been released a month ago, the Rincon Sapiência’s new single “Ponta de Lança” has became a hit in Brazil, being one of the most played songs in Brazilian music apps. The single tries to restore the importance of the MC culture questioning why nowadays a big part of the rap audience praises more the rappers than the rap culture itself.

As always, Sapiência brings in his music a lot of African sonorities and African pride. Ponta de Lança throws a lot of free lines with no chorus, based on Brazilian funk beats, and its videoclip, filmed at Cohab 1 (a kind of Housing Projects in São Paulo), was recorded with an old camera to create in the video the visuals of a time when playing with words had a highlighted place in Brazilian hip hop culture.

Listen to Rincon Sapiência’s “Ponta de Lança”, below.

By Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK contributor

*Robin Batista is a São Paulo-based designer and AFROPUNK’s contributor. Facebook: Instagram: @robinbatista_