premiere: stream uk garage trio kachina’s magnetic grooves in new ep “alright”

February 22, 2017

Hope you hump day needs a pick me up because Kachina is here to stay and here to slay. The three-piece 2-step group gave us an exclusive preview of their new EP “Alright” and the vibes are heavy on this project. Four songs of energetic, electronic driven house sounds, with a magnetic pulse throughout the entirety of the EP. KACHINA formed in Leicester in 2014 after Sparx and Zurcon found common interest in drum and bass, dubstep, grime and dub studio sessions. Joined on two tracks by singer Afua, Kachina said this of the lead single: “The title track “Alright” is an uplifting feel good tune with a happy vibe that takes you back to the classic 4/4 UKG sound but with a big BIG bass which keeps switching tone every 8/16 bars along with some lovely gospel-influenced vocals from Afua. The tune gets busier as it progresses with more drums, stab layers and vocal harmonies until it forms a much thicker, heavier and funkier sound towards the end.” You can preorder the EP on their label NextGen’s website, enjoy the preview below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor