photo series asks brazilian women “what are you tired of?” and the answers are pro-black as hell

February 6, 2017

If someone asked you what you’re tired of at the moment, what would you say? I’d probably talk about how tired I am of paying back my student loans, about the overt bigotry currently dwelling in the highest office of my country, and global warming. Larissa Isis, the brains behind “Projeto Cansei” or the “Tired Project,” this question has been driving a photography series that she created. Black Brazilians have been tackling the racism, misogynoir, and queerphobia running rampant throughout the country with it’s heteronormative, patriarchal tendencies. This project aims to give Black Brazilian women the chance to speak out and speak loud about the things that are weighing them down in hopes that it’ll give them more room to spread their proverbial wings and take flight. Peep the photoactivism series below and take a look at more via Larissa’s Instagram @porlarissaisis or her website.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

“I’m tired of being the only one. I’m happy being among the empowered [Black women]”- Solange Reis

“I’m tired of being the exception in my professional area/environment” – Nubiha

“I’m tired of hearing ‘do you have good or bad hair?’” – Solange Barros

“I’m tired of racism against Black gay and trans women” – Valentina Fornerolli

“I’m tired of being judged by my appearance” – Luciana Carvalho

“I’m tired of them questioning my intelligence” – Nataly Neri