nigeria’s first skate crew waffles n cream is too sweet for these naija streets

February 7, 2017

Naija stand up! WAFFLES N CREAM, Nigeria’s first skate crew, is shredding the scene and trailblazing for the African continent. In Lagos, skateboarding is of growing interest, especially in upper and middle class communities, and the youth of the movement are fiery and fearless. Skateboarding has long been the outlet of the punks among us and with new edit ‘Jide,’ WAFFLES N CREAM are making a name for themselves as a powerhouse brand. From events, to clothing, to music mixes and more, WAFFLES N CREAM are letting their city, the country, and the world know that it’s their time to shine. With the city of Lagos and Nigerian heat as their backdrop, WAFFLES N CREAM creates an amazing experience in ‘Jide,’ solidifying that their presence is meant to make an impact. The photographer behind these amazing visuals is Amarachi Nwosu, a 22 year old Nigerian-American director, photographer and writer. When she’s not working a number of brands, organizations and companies in cities like Tokyo, New York, London, and Los Angeles and snapping photos on staff for Highsnobiety and Okayafrica, Amarachi has works with London based women’s rights group Equality Now and video and photo projects with VICE Japan, Adidas Tokyo and Reebok Japan. She is currently working on a number of video projects and documentaries about different identities and cultures around the world, which led her to capture WAFFLES N CREAM. Stream ‘Jide’ below, support the crew on their website, and read more about them via  UNRATED. To learn more about Amarachi, visit her website and Instagram!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor