new music: the internet’s matt martians gets psychedelic on solo debut ‘the drum chord theory’ #soundcheck

February 3, 2017

The Internet’s Matt Martians has long been the band’s chief provider of spaced out weirdness, so it’s no surprise that his solo debut would be an unbroken stream of warped samples, loping beats, and densely produced songs that remain somehow cohesive despite all the frayed edges. The 12 track record features contributions from The Internet members Steve Lacy and the inimitable Syd, rounded out with heaps of Odd Future guest spots. Despite the community vibe, this is a Martians record through and through. His unfiltered acid-drenched psyche permeates The Drum Chord Theory.

Highlights like “Dent Jusay” and “Found Me Some Acid Tonight” run like alternate universe Internet songs, but on highlights like “Elevators,” Martians makes the case for himself as an accomplished solo artist on his own. As The Drum Chord Theory proves, there are few artists out there who can bend a hook just to the point of breaking like Matt Martians. Martians explains, “I’ve always wanted to make this album. I got the sounds from it years ago when I started taking acid—just taking myself through the journey of being one with myself and being able to sit down and make an album because making an album is very hard. It takes a lot of things out of you emotionally.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor