frederick douglass’ family responds to trump & tells him what time it is

February 2, 2017

Black people are notorious for epic clapbacks, and there’s nothing like an eloquent, well thought out clapback to acknowledge and rebuke someone’s ignorance. Who’s ignorance are we referring to today? Well none other than President Pumpkin, who referenced Frederick Douglass in the present tense during his bizarre Black History month press conference. While we’re about 99.9% sure Trump has no idea who Frederick Douglass is or the impact that he’s had on abolitionist and liberation thought for the past two centuries, the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives have responded in a lengthy clapback for the ages via Huffington Post. Some of the highlights include: “Like the President, we use the present tense when referencing Douglass’s accomplishments because his spirit and legacy are still very much alive, not just during Black History Month, but every month. Leading up to the Bicentennial of Douglass’s birth, in February 2018, here are some of the initiatives that we, the Frederick Douglass family, will be implementing as well as some of those we hope to implement with the support of this administration, the institutions it leads and the American people (black, brown and white alike)…” and “We look forward to helping re-animate Douglass’s passion for equality and justice over the coming year leading up to his Bicentennial in 2018. We encourage the President to join in that effort.” Nothing like the subtlety of pointing out ignorance and encouraging the uninformed to get involved in their own enlightenment in the afternoon. To read the full statement, visit Huffington Post.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor