brazilian rapper thiago elniño pays tribute to malcolm x and more on inspirational album

February 22, 2017

The first album of the Brazilian rapper Thiago Elniño, A Rotina do Pombo (The Pigeon’s Routine), talks the marginalized lives of the black people in Brazil. The main character of the album is Sem Nome (Unnamed), a young boy who lives in a metropolitan city, works in an underemployment and is seen as a dangerous element to society, at the same time he struggles to improve his self-esteem and tries to understand his life as a black boy in the city. Featuring Rincon Sapiência, Tamara Franklin, MC Sant and Douglas Din, among others, A Rotina do Pombo took five years to be produced and will be also translated to visual arts in an online gallery showcasing dozens of artists who created their own stories based on the main concept of the album.

The rapper also released the first videoclip off the album, “Ubuntu”, which pays tribute to the struggles of black icons such as Black Panther Party, Zumbi of Palmares, Angela Davis, Fela Kuti, the Brazilian-funk dancer Lacraia, among other very important people to our history.

By Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK contributor

*Robin Batista is a São Paulo-based designer and AFROPUNK’s contributor. Facebook: Instagram: @robinbatista_