afro-futuristic photo series ”2050“ highlights the timelessness of black beauty

February 10, 2017

2050“ is an afro-futuristic editorial series that attempts to present an interpretation of blackwomenhood in the future. In it, stylist Aziza Brown uses past, contemporary, and cross-cultural trends in fashion to not only project future trends, but to demonstrate the timelessness of black women. “The portrayal of black women in fashion and art in general has always been one dimensional,” Creative Director and Model Dakota Seales says. “While many of the representation of black women seem to be focused on the past, little attention is put on what the black women could become.” Scroll below to see more of this gorgeous series.

Photographer: Yannis Davy
Stylist: Aziza Brown @6lackadima
Creative Director: Dakota Seales @backwordspoetry
Hair Stylist: Ego @egodidit
Clothing/Designers: AnnaFora and Neoteny Apparel
Jewlery: Backwordspoetry @backwordspoetry_art
Cynna @cynnamon
Jannai Goddar @jannai.goddard
Kalifa Ehkko @ohgee_kali
Dakota Seales @backwordspoetry
Kyariah Voden @KiKiVeee