young brazilian artist sarmurr heals past abuse trauma through otherworldly creations

January 10, 2017

As cliche as it sounds, pain is one of the most poignant sources of art, and for Brazilian multimedia artist Samuel Saboia, aka Sarmurr or Nympheshit, trauma is a part of what got him started. The Recife born, São Paulo based youngster is far beyond his years in wisdom, creative output, and quality, and each of his creative monikers attest to that.
Creativity as a means of survival is something all artists can relate to in some way or another and when reflecting Sarmurr said, “When I started my art it was my way to escape madness and every single suicidal thought that I had. Abuse is something really hard and as a black man and pastor’s son it affected me so much that I was unable to speak about it. Art was my way of creating a new and safe zone to me, a place where I could breathe, where I could be free of that stigma, where I could fill the hole that it had made on me.”
Using drawings, photography, video and music, Sarmurr’s livelihood became insistent upon using art to buoy himself as well as express the thoughts and pain he’d endured. Support this talented artist on his journey towards healing, and show him some love via Facebook and Instagram.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor