op-ed: time to launch the resistance! here’s what you can do right now

January 3, 2017

Solidarity Siblings in Struggle,

I am humbly writing to you to communicate what we most likely have in common, which is a genuine concern about the direction in which our society is heading. We all have seen what this year has cultivated for the masses of people especially within the last couple months. Even those with the faintest attention span or sheer apathy can see that difficult times lie ahead. Black and Brown people in this country have long lived and learned how to survive in the most wretched of conditions. Violence and hatred from US society is nothing new to us, hell even global society. The conditions that exist today and the extension of brutal violent oppression into groups that were sold the illusion of being a little more “safe” from these attacks, are in my eyes, a clear indication of the backwardness and utter failure of this system. Literally we are going backwards in time to a period of overt racism and bigotry, which of course has never fully left our society, but because of movements and freedom fighters of the past that were able to make gains and cushion the blows of oppression.

By Darletta Scruggs*, AFROPUNK contributor

The very real threat and attacks on women’s reproductive rights, public education, jobs, housing, healthcare, the environment basically anything we need to live or give us autonomy is to the point that hasn’t been seen in the “industrialized world”. A head of state who is openly a racist, violent misogynist and a billionaire gives me, a black single poor working mother, major fucking pause! The idea that the politicians who claim they care about the rights of people, who fear monger us into voting for their party and then in return continue slower attacks on human rights, could openly say they are willing to work with such a person is mindblowing. The Democratic party in my view showed us exactly who they are these last 8 years and in the words of my late granny “when someone shows you who they are, believe them!” We cannot wait for the democratic party or the republican party, and the billionaires that control them, to figure out people deserve human rights! It’s time to Unite in Solidarity with a Pledge of Resistance Against Trump!

United together, we will build a wall of resistance to Trump’s racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and attacks on working people. We can shut down right-wing attempts to scapegoat and persecute the most vulnerable among us. The first step will be massive, coordinated, nationwide protests and student walkouts against Trump’s Inauguration on January 20 and 21. Mass protests have been an indispensable part of every progressive struggle in history, from winning the eight-hour day to smashing Jim Crow. Mass protests provide an easy entry point into activity for thousands of people and raise the confidence and fighting spirit of movements by visibly demonstrating the depth, scope, and size of opposition. When movements are strong enough, even the Republicans have been known to cave under pressure of protests. Under Richard Nixon, movements mushroomed and the Vietnam War was ended, abortion rights were won, environmental regulations, and more were conceded. At the time, the ruling class feared a deeper radicalization – or even revolution – could take place if they didn’t make concessions to the protests. Of course, protests aren’t enough on their own, and there is a long history of using mass protests as a mere safety valve for discontent, which must be connected to a strategy of mass grassroots struggle without relying on the Democratic or Republican party!

Trump’s picks for his cabinet, which is worth $14.5 billion, is a bold statement of what’s to come and we as the people need to make our statement as well. We will not bow our heads to the rich and the elite! I understand that there are things we may possibly disagree with. I understand that we may have different visions of what society should look like and that is fine. These differences should always have room and space in society to be discussed out by the people. These institutions don’t want these discussions they want us to be divided and compete with each other just to make them richer!

I am weary, I am tired of suffering. I am tired of seeing suffering. We deserve so much better and I have committed my life to make sure we GET better but I cannot do it alone. Our organizations cannot do it alone.If you agree that we need an active campaign to fight Trump along with independent mass movements, a new party of the 99%, and a socialist transformation of society, then you should join Socialist Alternative today. We must stand together united on the things we agree on while continuing to openly discuss the things we don’t, and the one thing we do agree on is FUCK THE RULING CLASS!!!

FIND OR CALL ONE IN YOUR CITY (more to be added):
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“Let me just say: Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.”

*In Struggle, Darletta Scruggs Organizer,Mother,Freedom Fighter Socialist Alternative Chicago

Nyanen Deng of Portland holds a sign during a silent protest against Donald Trump at Monument Square Thursday. Captured by Brianna Soukup for the Portland Press Herald.