op-ed: fight back! let’s make the next 4 years about radical self-love

January 20, 2017

Hey folks, you might be feeling a little defeated and overwhelmed right now by the first few days of the Trump administration, which has already seen terrifying proposed budget cuts and cabinet appointee hearings. And it’s okay to be sad and to not want to do shit. It’s okay to check out of politics and to stop checking the news (for a little bit, anyway) to focus on yourself and your mental health. In fact, I’d argue that it’s imperative.

Resisting the Trump administration and GOP enablers isn’t going to be solely about protesting, demonstrating, and disrupting. It needs to be about taking care of and loving ourselves in the face of a society that keeps telling us that we don’t matter. And the truth is, we might never matter to the people who voted against POC/women/Muslim/lgtbqia folks. And that’s fine, we don’t need to prove our worth and humanity to them. Instead, let’s focus on what we mean to ourselves and to each other. Use this symbolic fresh start to plant the seeds for developing a gentle, loving relationship with yourself. Whether that means living your life as loudly and unapologetically as you can, take risks and try new things to empower yourself, wear what you want, say what you want—be louder and take up more space! Commit yourself to radical acts of self-love and self-acceptance. Forgive yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Create daily rituals for yourself that nourish your mind/body/heart. Get into some new hobbies. You’ve got 4 years to become wildly dedicated to learning some new shit. What have you always wanted to try, but have been putting off? Cooking? Coding? Calligraphy? Consider this time to be a gift for you to work on where you want to be when it’s all over. Take care of yourself. Be good to yourself.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

*Erin White is an Atlanta-based writer and AFROPUNK’s editorial and social media assistant. You can follow her on Tumblr or friend her on Facebook. Have a pitch or an inquiry? Shoot her an email at