bigotry loves company: when black church folks side with trump

January 31, 2017

There are folks who believe the Sunkist POTUS isn’t racist, bigoted, xenophobic or sexist. An alarming number of those folks believe that Tangerine Trump is not only a good man, but that he’s a Christian man, a follower of Jesus Christ, the child of an unwed mother who was seeking refuge that no one would offer who would grow up to receive undue amounts of persecution that would eventually lead to his death. They would rather ignore the parallels between Jesus’ story and the story of those who are discriminated against, because it doesn’t fit the narrative that the church is under attack and the “evils” of Muslim immigrants and refugees, the LGBTQ community, or anyone else who poses a threat to their religious majority and moral authority. Most of these people are White evangelicals, but there are a small but vocal group of Black clergy and their followers who have taken up the mantle in support of President Tropicana. Needless to say, but it’s incredibly disappointing to hear that marginalized communities are colluding in their marginalization and the discrimination against others. Pastors like Darrell Scott of Cleveland and Mark Burns of South Carolina, or even entire churches are supporting his rhetoric all under the guise religious freedom and creating a Christian nation, when in reality, those two can’t coexist. Although this video isn’t recent, it still gives insight into the psyche and motivations of Black religious Trump supporters.