annafora ss17 collection photo editorial is an ethereal journey of billowing cottons and neutral silks

January 10, 2017

Gotta love a beautifully shot and artfully conceptual fashion editorial and ANNAFORA doesn’t disappoint. Teaming up with photographer Ishmil Waterman, ANNAFORA dreamed up an amazing photo story entitled “THEM”. As the second chapter of their concept ONE, beginning with their most recent fall collection, their SS17 collection “tells the story of transitioning from our present state of reality to an age of true freedom of enlightenment.” It’s creating a lot of buzz and was recently been featured in INSTITUTE Magazine. THEM presents a range of airy cottons, silks and bamboo jersey to “create a story where enlightenment of the mind transcends evolution to the body.” The hope is that viewer to connects their present self to their future self through affirmative thinking. It’s focusing inward that will reconnect us to the elements, believing we will one day become masters of our environment but more importantly coexisting and expanding with it. Take a look at this amazing narrative in photo form and be inspired!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photographer : Ishmil Waterman
Shoes: G Star RAW
Model: Uncredited