new music: montreal’s dear denizen crafts intense introspective indie rock on their latest ep ‘now here’ #soundcheck

December 15, 2016

Introspective atmospheric and full of questions, Montreal’s Dear Denizen makes the kind of moody indie rock that defies easy categorization. Songs like “Wanderlust” ride a slow build to a triumphant chorus, for a song that spans worlds in its 3 minute run. On “Monster Tamer,” singer Ngabonziza Kiroko explores the darker corners of his soul with the album’s biggest hook, declaring “things I want are never really good for me.” Massive trumpets swell and explode. The monster within all of us is sometimes the most alluring. When the band gets soulful they craft some of their best material, as on “Every Dream Is A Good Dream” and “Stones In My Bed.” “We are not faithless,” Kiroko sings “we just admit that we don’t know.” As Dear Denizen shows throughout Now Here, the tension between not knowing and wanting knowledge can be the deepest well to draw from.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor