black & british: watch documentaries from the bbc series!

December 6, 2016

Starting last month, BBC has begun to celebrate the Blackness within its borders by kicking off a season of programming highlighting Black culture and Black British accomplishments through film and television. To this end, over 8 hours of original programming have been prepared for this moment, focusing primarily on documentaries about the contributions Black people have made to British history as well as contemporary narratives surrounding identity and nationality in present day UK. Thus far, several programs have aired, including but not limited to David Olusoga’s four-part series for BBC Two, “Black And British: A Forgotten History;” “Will Britain Ever Have A Black Prime Minister?” by David Harewood; “Life And Death The Pentecostal Way,” an observational documentary featuring a Brixton Pentecostal church and its community; and “Black Is The New Black,” a four-part interview series with some of the most influential and talented Black Britons describing what it means to be black and British today. Stream some of these amazing episodes below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

“Black Is The New Black”

“Will Britain Ever Have A Black Prime Minister?”

“Black And British: A Forgotten History”

“Back In Time For Brixton”

All the documentaries can be found here: