10 times black women kicked white supremacy’s ass in 2016

December 21, 2016

Honestly, if there’s one thing that gives me hope about 2017, it’s black women. Even though black femmes have a historic legacy of being the movers and doers at the root of black resistance and activism in this country, 2016 was filled with so many powerful moments and contributions by them. These are just a few of our favorite black femmes who kicked White Supremacy’s ass in 2016.

1. Ieshia Evans seen in Baton Rouge – by Jonathan Bachman-Reuters

2. Fearless Stockholm-based activist Tess Asplund took a defiant stance against neo-Nazis this past Sunday at white supremacist rally. Let them know how you feel, Tess!

Picture credit: David Lagerlof

3. Two Black Lives Matter activists stand up to Hillary Clinton’s history of anti-blackness during a private fundraising event in South Carolina this past Febuary.

4. This powerful moment. Don’t get it twisted.

via @deadlyfemme

5. Team U.S.A.’s Women’s Gymnastics athletes, The Final Five—Coached by a former “illegal immigrant”! #NoTrumpism

via Desirée Rincón

6. Poet/Writer/Activist Fire Angelou who poignantly critiqued issues of misogynoir, racism in interracial relationships, black mental health, international blackness and the African diaspora.

7. Chicagoan singer/songwriter/poet Jamila Woods releases earworm of a black girl fight song with “blk girl solider”.

8. Educator Angela Y. Davis releases “Freedom Is a Constant Struggle – Ferguson, Palestine, and The Foundation Of A Movement.” “Freedom”, a collection of essays, interviews, and speeches, that connect the dots between institutionalized state violence and oppression throughout history and all around the world.

9. France-based intersectional feminist vlogger Naya Ali (aka La Ringarde) Joining the ranks of other prolific black feminist bloggers and vloggers, like the brilliant Kat Blaque and Chescaleigh, La Ringarde is carving out a platform to address everything from whitesplaining, colorism, cultural appropriation, intersectional issues, etc., for a French-speaking audience.

10. Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie having no time for White Tears