video premiere: stream zurich songstress brandy butler’s otherworldly visual for her enchanting single ‘spell’

November 29, 2016

Everybody feels someone else’s magic sometimes. So when you press play on ‘Spell’ by Brandy Butler, let the magic wash over you and wrap you in its sweet embrace, but only if you’re willing to fall in deep. Butler, a Zurich-based, Pennsylvania bred jazz singer, is borrowing from electronic, folk and soul vibes in her song ‘Spell,’ casting a couple of her own in the process. The video, which was crafted by a team consisting of director Nicole Pfister, assistant director Céline-Niara Sakho, and director of photography Simon Huber, transports you to an almost dreamlike world, in which characters of Brandy’s imagination seem to be in a trance. The choreography, executed effortlessly by Janek Acker and Tosca Luisoni, is all twists and jerks, as if they’re fighting off whatever hex Brandy’s voice has them under, but they can’t quite resist the ebb and flow of her fantastical alto.

Brandy is clearly feeling someone’s magic weighing heavy on her in this groove. Reflecting on the lyrics she said, “The song ‘spell’ is part of a song cycle in which I detail the creation and destruction of a relationship, as well as all the emotional phases that happen after. In the song, I am recounting of an experience where I was tempted by a woman who offered me a sexual encounter in a club, just days after agreeing to be in a monogamous relationship with a man.” There’s nothing quite like feeling the tug of another when you’re in a committed relationship. It gnaws and nibbles and drags you into places in your mind that you can’t outrun, but also can’t give into in good conscious. As far as the aesthetic of the video is concerned, “The larger vision was to have these figures constantly question the aesthetic of gender, of sexuality, and then in the end merge together(which is where the massive amounts of glitter came in),” says Brandy. “The ending of the video uses my own nakedness to show the metamorphosis of self.” And that progression is evident, with Brandy baring it all and shining in spite of her spellbound turmoil. Stream the new visual for Brandy Butler’s ‘Spell’ below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Director: Nicole Pfister
DOP: Simon Huber
Assistant Director: Céline-Niara Sakho
GAFFER: Simon Kuhn
HMU: Dario Santos
BEINGS: Janek Acker & Tosca Saba Luisoni.
RUNNER: Rattanaphon Sang-San
PA to Ms. BUTLER: Leslie Philbert.