student’s ‘white people stay colonizing’ presentation examines how teen slang & dance crazes appropriate black culture

November 21, 2016

Black academics are slaying in more ways than one these days, and Taylor Amari Little is no different. AFROPUNK covered this budding intellectual earlier this year because of her nonprofit The Temple Project, whose purpose is to remind people that the homeless members of the community are members nonetheless and deserving of support and access. But beyond that amazing work, this teenager is also bringing the heat in the classroom. In a photo that has since gone viral, Taylor is pictured with a powerpoint presentation entitled ‘White People Stay Colonizing.’ Talk about a harsh truth. The mainstream has made a habit of co-opting slang and dances from minority communities and monetizing it. Calling this into question in academic settings is extremely important work, so kudos to Taylor for making this a priority! She’s a perfect example of the young leaders that show themselves in these times!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

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