stream unapologeticallywhite, the short film series exploring what it means to be black in an unapologetically white world

November 7, 2016

In many religions, it took god six days to create the entire world and took the seventh day to rest. For creatives Tembi Xena, Dominic Lofters and Stefan Zachiyah, they’re hoping six days is enough to move the people to action on the seventh in their new series “UnapologeticallyWHITE”. In their seven-part short film series, the young filmmakers and writers aim to expose white privilege for what it is, explore racial injustice, and express the after-effects of colonization within Britain’s borders. Each video takes a different approach in telling these untold histories, ranging from present day to ancestral storytelling, all with an adept understanding of visual framing and narrative. In their quest to open eyes and hearts, the ultimate goal for this group of young thinkers is to unify, and for that, we commend and encourage them. Stream the full series below:

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Directed by Dominic Lofters and Steffan Zachiyah, Produced by Temba Xena