french designer and photographer present ‘creole soul’ editorial, an exploration of caribbean identity through art

November 17, 2016

Drawing inspiration from the diaspora is not a new muse, but it remains a strong, poignant one. French creatives Vincent Frederic Colombo and Fanny Viguier are the minds behind “Creole Soul”, an editorial project aiming to redefine Caribbean identity through photography and fashion. Vincent Frederic is a designer and a stylist using the concept of the Creole imagination to inform this editorial, “Creole Soul,” while Fanny is in charge of capturing the very essence. By incorporating Caribbean material along with French sensibility, Colombo and Viguier are adding to the idea of cultural syncretism, especially in the realm of visual art. Peep this amazing display of Black brilliance.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Models: Stephane Mizrahi, Benoit Michel et Claude Quimper.
Photographer: Fanny Viguier