feature: alternative r&b songbird leandra mcnair brings a classic touch to 90s r&b influenced single, “u i wanna c”

November 3, 2016

Hailing from the concrete jungle that embodies New York City, Leandra McNair is a songbird fit for the wide open spaces of the countryside. With a folky intonation, jazzy chords, a lighthearted timbre, and an adept understanding of the soul and 90s R&B, this songstress is clearly in the business of making uplifting and breezy tunes. In ‘U I Wanna C’, the first single off her forthcoming EP Lucky, she sings of the insatiable urge to see the person on your mind and in your heart. The track is reminiscent of a daydream, one that makes your jaw hang slightly and perspiration form on your neck and chest at the simple thought of who you’re currently missing. Though her sound is definitely neo soul, she’s got inspiration from artists like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, to Sade and Janelle Monae in the mix, with even some Lauryn Hill and Grizzly Bear to spice things up. Leandra had this to say about the process of making this tune: “I wrote ‘U I Wanna C’ while I was in Copenhagen performing with my good friend Ken Linh Doky at The Standard. Ken is also the producer of ‘U I Wanna C’. When he showed me the beat I loved it and I immediately heard the melody in my head. When I wrote the song I was at a really happy time in my life. From performing every weekend and getting such a great response from the crowd. To doing music 24/7 with my band mates Solrey and Ken. This track represents a happy space for me and I think anyone who listens to it can feel that too.” While we wait for Leandra McNair’s “Lucky” EP, let’s think of someone sweetly and vibe out to “U I Wanna C.”

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor