rio de janeiro’s batekoo celebrates the power of poor, black, lgbt brazilians in new photo editorial

October 25, 2016

Queer pride is growing internationally and Batekoo is proof that Brazil is leading the charge. Batekoo is a party and social movement encouraging black empowerment, inclusivity, and sexual freedom. Its camp say: “BATEKOO is a festival of black, returned to the black public. It aims to empower black people and sexual freedom.” In this editorial collaboration with Brecó Replay, they aim to show the unity of the models, as well as the strength and self-esteem found in confronting male-dominated society, homophobia, transphobia and racism.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photos: Meggan, Bruno Odacham
Art Direction: Eduardo Costa, Julliana Araújo
Beauty: Victor Manoel
Style; Brechó Replay, Julliana Araújo
Style assistant: Boni
Models: Allan Machado, Rodrigo Nascimento, Daniel Oliveira, Peterson Freion
Guilherme Blum, Guilherme Kiss Kiss, Arthur Santos, Caio Guimarães, Cássio Cruz
David Lannes, Everton Antonelli, Ventura Profana, Vitor Manoel, Wendel Tavares
Caique Cerqueira, Neco Oblangata, Filipe

Batekoo Full Editorial