new music: ed balloon takes apart his defense mechanisms against the world on ‘yellow 20-somethings’ #soundcheck

October 19, 2016

Over hazy synths and spacious beats, Ed Balloon’s latest project Yellow 20-Somethings is at turns darkly sarcastic, angry, and heartbroken. The experimental R&B singer’s music rotates from vulnerability to righteous anger at the world like a mask that keeps fracturing. The songs on the record vary between stream of consciousness vocals and more polished songcraft. Songs like “@#trapkaraoke” and “cool” in particular showcase Ed Balloon’s facility with a left-field hook.

As Ed Balloon explains:
“Yellow 20 Somethings is a project that focuses on a black male who uses hints of sarcasm and humor to soften his true outcry, which is to be free from all and everything that is stopping his progression . However, he can only use so much defensive mechanism before he can no longer and has to become transparent.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor