four uk musicians return to their native countries to explore the roots of their personal and artistic heritage in upcoming docu-series homelands by punch music

October 11, 2016

Identity is a fickle thing. It ebbs and flows and grows. It’s part what you’re surrounded by, where you’re from and what you like and everything in between. In an astounding effort to get to know themselves better, UK artists Terri Walker, Saskilla, Shakka and Diztortion are exploring their identities in a new and exciting way with the help of PUNCH music agency. In a project called HOMELANDS, the artists are embarking on a yearlong sojourn consisting of a global tour and artistic residencies, with the hopes of exploring their personal and artistic identities at their origins. PUNCH’s CEO Ammo Talwar Mbe had this to say: “They will all travel alone, with a film crew following them, to a nation at the root of their sound and cultural identity. They’ll make new tracks with local musicians, and perform these for the first time when they get back to the UK. UK. We’re making a whole film around these musical journeys – There are going to be a lot of surprises.” It sounds like an undertaking of epic proportions and seems like a compelling story. Get to know the artists and their stories below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor



Terri Walker