british-nigerian menswear designer tokyo james defies norms by combining metal chokers and vibrant suits for spring collection

October 21, 2016

British-Nigerian designer Tokyo James’ iconic new collection is a breath of fresh air in menswear. The designer and creative director mixes the worlds of fantasy and practicality in his new line of suits and high end activewear. Combining edgy items like chokers and mesh with the silhouettes of classic menswear and the colorful vibrancy of Nigeria’s everyday life make it really special and unique. He began his Creative Career as a young fashion stylist in London , working for various international publications, as well as directing digital campaigns for brands such as Brioni, Issey Miyake and Puma Black Label. With years of experience under his belt, James launched his digital monthly publication, Rough UK , an authoritative, unapologetic voice with a penchant for strong visual imagery. The Tokyo James fashion brand was born in Lagos, Nigeria when the Creative Director relocated to the burgeoning African fashion capital, where he’s dedicated to create jobs for native workers. When it comes to fashion, and this collection in particular, he says that he brings, “a British aesthetic with an African disposition,” and we couldn’t agree more.Explore the new collection below:

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photography by Anika Molnár>br/> Art Direction by Miss Bones
Models: Maxwell Annoh, Jermain Asiedu, and Leonardo Taiwo

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