book: new book series “little professor skye” encourages black and brown girls to dream big

October 19, 2016

Black girl magic is everywhere and lately, it seems like our little ones are gonna have plenty of art to experience in their youth. Author Munson Steed is hoping that her book series “Little Professor Skye” will encourage young girls to aspire higher. Steed, who says the book was inspired by his goddaughter Skye dreaming aloud, hopes through reading about her characters Skye’s adventures with her father and the careers she sees for herself will push other kids to do the same. The collaboration between Steed and illustrator Kareem Kenyada is definitely going to change some lives! The first book in the series, “Little Professor Skye’s Favorite Things” is available for purchase via Facebook, so support them today!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor