activist shaun king’s injustice boycott harnesses black economic power to force political change and end racial injustice with long-term action

October 4, 2016

Injustice Boycott is a brand new, long-term, nationwide economic boycott geared toward pivoting the historic wave of protests that has brought world-wide awareness about police brutality and systematic oppression towards creating political change. By harnessing, withholding, and re-directing our economic power to force change ourselves. This particular effort, the Injustice Boycott, was created by NY Daily News Senior Justice Writer and activist Shaun King.

The national boycott will kick off December 5 and will target businesses, brands, and corporations that benefit from, help to sustain, partner with systematic oppression and/or businesses that are headquartered in cities and states that are notorious for rampant police brutality and race-based violence. To make this possible, Injustice Boycott will spend the next 9 weeks carefully targeting these businesses in a “strategic and creative” manner, as well as methodically crafting a network of sustainable alternative and exceptions. The goal of this boycott is about much more than creating a temporary fourth quarter dent—it’s about creating, facilitating and sustaining a long-term movement that will last months, years, even indefinitely—similar to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

You can sign up to join the movement, right here. And read more about King’s objectives, over here.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Pictured: Shaun King


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