new music: black punk drops gritty single ‘wtf you gonna do’ combining his love for hip hop, skateboarding, and punk music

September 30, 2016

The culture of rebellion and independence in skateboarding is reflected in the music that represents it–namely, punk rock and hip hop. So it should come as no surprise that New York skateboarder Black Dave chose both to represent his voice. In his new single ‘WTF You Gonna Do,’ he seems completely comfortable with his punk rock roots, and in an interview earlier this year he said, “Growing up skating, watching skate videos, it was punk rock and it was hip-hop that was in all of these videos. All that stuff that I listened to growing up, now that I’m older and I’m developing as a artist I want to tap back into that.” It seems that we should be expecting some great things in the music he has coming. Stream ‘WTF You Gonna Do’ below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor