Sex & Gender

french islanders stage #goodasyou2016 lgbt equality demonstration

September 16, 2016

What happens when you take to the streets with a mission of peace, love, and equality for people of all walks of life? You get a demonstration like the recent one by OriZon, a LGBT organization based on the island La Réunion off the coast of France. The group staged a particularly warming demonstration for gender and sexual identity equality. Enlisting civilians with signs reading “Nous Sommes Tous Égaux” and “Luttons Pour L’Égalité,” a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and genders supported by taking a picture and using the #GoodAsYou2016. Throughout the world, members of marginalized communities are coming together to speak out against injustices and discrimination being levied against them. This is yet another example of the resilience of these communities and the global movement towards equality and freedom for all of us.

By Taylor McLendon, AFROPUNK contributor

To see more photos, visit OriZon’s Facebook: