feature: brazilian photographer ian souza celebrates afro-brazilian women in ‘negra xxi’ and ‘liberdade’ editorial series’

September 7, 2016

Brazilian photographer Ian Souza celebrates Afro-Brazilian women in ‘NEGRA XXI’ and ‘LIBERDADE’ editorial series’. Inspired by anti-black oppression and the marginalization of afro-Brazilian women, Souza created each of these projects to celebrate and affirm the individual value of women who, to some, don’t fit into society’s ideas of beauty of femininity—namely women with wild, textured hair and brown skin. “‘NEGRA XXI’ exposes and celebrate the beauty, strength, sensuality, attitude and history of the new black woman of xxi century. Currently, [black women are] shattering standards, sharing their ideas of freedom and self-acceptance by saying a “fuck it” to the judgmental society that we live. Long live your power!” Souza tells AFROPUNK. Check ‘em out, down below!

‘NEGRA XXI’ Editorial

Models: Juliana Santos, Keyla Ecb, Kelly Yasmin
Styling and Production: Tatiana Carvalho
Collectioon: La Luna Diamond
MUA: Ju Santtos