afropunk premiere: texas-based alternative r&b singer mélat drops hypnotic new single, ‘no bad news’

September 19, 2016

Texas-based alternative R&B singer Mélat drops hypnotic new single, ‘No Bad News’—a collaborative effort with producer The SEVENth of AGO music. A melodic, club-ready track, ‘No Bad News’ was inspired by endless nights of carefree fun: “The lyrics were inspired by the many nights I spent out, dancing with my friends (and new friends;) ) till the 7 or 8am but how lately everyone is busy doing life with not much time for carefree fun. The SEVENth was able to capture that so perfectly in his production,” the singer tells AFROPUNK. Check it out down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

*Erin White is an Atlanta-based writer and AFROPUNK’s editorial and social media assistant. You can follow her on Tumblr or friend her on Facebook. Have a pitch or an inquiry? Shoot her an email at