adomako aman explores the intersections of black & latino gay american experiences and nightlife culture in new documentary ‘dancing in the dark’

September 21, 2016

For decades, one of the only safe spaces for queer Black and Latinx people have been shrouded in the night, humid with the sweat of gyrating bodies, and booming with sounds celebrating the sex from which we came. Nightlife culture, in many ways, owes its livelihood to queer people and in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, reclaiming and celebrating these havens is part of the work of furthering the struggle. Filmmaker Adomako Aman has documented club life in New York for gay Black and Latinx people as a means to illustrate how important these spaces can be. In his new documentary Dancing In The Dark, he hopes to develop a conversation about a community who is marginalized by multiple intersecting power structures. In his own words, Aman feels, “it’s important to showcase some of the examples of our community to show where we come from and for people to feel inspired to add on to this narrative that was created.” Dancing In The Dark is available in full for your viewing below.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

From the film.

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