Upcoming film project ‘Blasian Narratives: Volume I’ uncovers the complexities of the ‘mixed intersection of Black and Asian identities’

August 11, 2016

“What are you?”

“Where are you really from?”

The Blasian Narratives project is breaking the illusion of mixed bliss with its raw, organic representation of growing up in a society where- if your race isn’t clear, neither are you. 

This interactive, intimate multi-media production, delves into the ‘mixed intersection of Black and Asian identities’ while expressing the truth of individual origin and the true emotions surrounding their position. A beautifully emotive piece, audiences are gifted a real-life account of the Blasian reality, and are forced to analyze their own position in society as well. 

The piece-originally opening on the stage in 2014, at the Morehouse/Spelman Theater Dept.- had a successful run everywhere it ran; And after their booming West Coast premiere, it was ready to shift platforms. The film chapter of the project- ‘Blasian Narratives: Volume I’, is just the step needed to push the essence of its creation to its prime.

Highly recommended, this project will have you viewing the concept of identity from a whole different perspective. A step in the right direction, Check out the powerful trailer for Blasian Narratives below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor