new music: raury and jaden smith’s new track for netflix’s ‘the get down’ melds eras, transcends the boundaries of traditional hip-hop

August 10, 2016

The new, upcoming Netflix ‘The Get Down’ is turning heads and influencing even before its highly anticipated release (on August 12th). Set in 1970’s South Bronx, the series will dive into the realities of the era, showcasing the talent and soulfulness of its youth and its foothold in musics history. It is only fitting that the soundtrack be representative of its content, and in the youth-dominated climate, it is almost serendipitous that the soundtrack be featuring some of the most innovative young creatives of the present. 

Raury and Jaden Smith are making waves of their own as they join the lineup of artists contributing to the series’ soundtrack. Though Smith has already snagged a prominent role on the show- as Dizzee, the avid graffiti artist- he is showcasing his variety with a wide range of input. Both the rapper and singer are paving their own way, as the Baz Luhrmann project opens doors into the history of Hip Hop and its future.

Their exclusive track ‘Losing your mind’ pushes the limits that define traditional rap, fitting into the trajectory of the series and that of modern Hip Hop. Aimed as the theme song for Jaden’s character, the eccentric track transcends the boundaries of time to create an all encompassing blast from the past, and an enriching listening experience. ‘Losing Your Mind’ is a preview of all thats to come from both performers, and an initiation of a new era in music. Look out for the new track, and learn more about Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’ below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor.