(h)afrocentric: the comic- miles pepper and his friend elizando ramirez make commentary on the steady decline of today’s legends in this week’s strip

August 15, 2016

This is our seventh installment of Juliana “Jewels” Smith’s (H)Afrocentric: The Comic. Written by Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper. In this particular strip speaks to the discomfort of allyship from an ‘Oppressed’ position. Incorporating the realities of modern black culture and stereotype, Naima comically insinuates the frustrations of protest and representation- all with a smile on her face. This comic in particular sets a more subtly confrontational tone to Naima’s narrative, yet maintains its lighthearted appeal. For summer 16, look for a new (H)afrocentric comic strip every Monday on Afro Punk. Connect on Instagram for more details.