free download: chilled out rapper jp moregun’s self-titled debut is a cinematic trip through one fucked up night #soundcheck

August 8, 2016

Anchored by blurry beats and inter-spliced with film noir clips, JP Moregun’s debut mixtape is like a fucked up night that begins with you passing out wasted watching old John Huston movies and ends with you staring down the barrel of a gun before waking up on your couch in the same position, but with a brand new bullet hole in your jacket, trying to sort out whether or not it was all a dream. The refracted left-field samples draw heavily from 60’s psychedelic rock, but branch out into dub and retro French pop on standout track “English Channel.” They form the perfect backdrop for Jeremiah Jae’s abstract raps, which snap in and out of dream-like abstraction and grim stories of life-or- death. This isn’t a mixtape, it’s a short film.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor