book: qtpoc org bklyn boihood’s long-awaited anthology ‘outside the xy: queer black and brown masculinity‘ available for pre-sale

August 25, 2016

It’s here! bklyn boihood’s long-awaited anthology Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity is now available for pre-sale.

bklyn boihood launched in 2009 and has been a strong pillar of the queer people of color community in NYC and around the world ever since. Their work consists of character-building workshops, queer-friendly parties, an internationally acclaimed annual calendar highlighting black and brown ‘bois’—and now, a groundbreaking new book!

Summer 2014, the PoC queer group called for submissions for a book highlighting the voices of masculine-of-center and/or trans* men of color. After two years, the collective proudly announced that the innovative anthology, to be released under Riverdale Ave Books, will be full of stories, rants, poetry and more “from QTPOCs around the world for whom masculinity has played a role in shaping their lived identities.”

By Jaz Joyner*, AFROPUNK contributor

OTXY is special in that it paints a diverse picture of a community the general public don’t often get to see in mainstream media.

“I would say that right now there’s this one image of us; this masculine woman that’s essentially getting boiled down to a woman in boy’s clothes. Masculinity gets oversimplified into human beings that are getting misgendered and basically thought of as grown-up tomboys. ” Mo of the bklyn boihood collective stated in a Time Out New York interview.

The dope cover art you see is thanks to New Jersey-born contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas who’s work was recently featured in the Brooklyn Museum. OTXY’s intro is by talented bluesy musician Toshi Reagon and the book itself is edited by bklyn boihood’s own Morgan Mann Willis.

OTXY will be available in print August 25th and as an e-book via Amazon, iTunes, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo and Google Play and and Riverdale Ave Books official site.

*Jaz Joyner is a black non binary writer and founder of QUNTFRONT residing in Brooklyn, NY. @JazJoyner