afropunk premiere: new black love anthem ‘sugar & spice’ from nxgn, lvrn, + homies only ft . raury & more gives new voice to teen creatives

August 9, 2016

Get ready for the premiere you’ve been waiting for:

Brought to you by one of the woke-est collections of young black men on the scene today, ‘Sugar & Spice’, is the love song of a generation- giving new meaning and depth to the concept of young love.
Featuring AFROPUNK alum Raury, along with Chrystopherson, Dajaun Long, TyBass,Tru and Crystal Mec, produced by Produced by Tru, Malik Shakur and Teo Halmthe track transcends popular definitions of ‘soundcloud rappers’, setting a prime example of what proper influence and creativity can produce. Releasing exclusively on, ‘Sugar & Spice’ speaks to the counter-culture extremely prominent in the AFROPUNK community; the youth. Not only the youth, but the creatives- those that take what their given and create magic.

‘Afro Punk is a gathering of beautiful black culturessays Raury, ‘they booked me for a show’: pulling influence from the platforms that allow them to put forth their work, the process of creation is less a process, but a state of being.

‘”Sugar and Spice” is a very special record. It came together very organically.’ Says Tru,’ The product of a bunch of friends vibing out after a day of hiking, sorting out all our energy in a new space. I remember having the beat on repeat for nearly an hour, all of us freestyling , writing, flowing back and forth, it was almost like we were putting the parts together over time, by the end of the night, we had all recorded our parts and the singers did their thing together and that was that. Literal sugar and spice’.

As this musically conscious track bravely strays from the modern misogyny of the genre, these young men give breath to a necessary, sensual, and respectful representation of black boys and black love.

‘With my music I want longevity.’ Shares TyBass,’ Everything you hear now-a-days bumps, and its nice to turn up and listen to shit you can get lit to, but honestly its all temporary. Music to me is art. Art is supposed to reflect the times, express, and inspire. I support everyone’s grind right now, regardless of their specific sound. But I just know I want my music to be played like 50 years from now and still be relevant. You see how Bob Marley, can be played anywhere across the globe right now, and people will know it, sing along, and chances are its really therapeutic to them?…Thats what I’m striving for. I feel our collectives do just that, NXGN, Homies Only, LVRN etc. We may all be from different places and we all tell different stories, but one thing we have in common is definitely our youth and energy.’

This youth-driven project showcases young talent in all mediums- from the underlying beat, to the cover artwork, this all inclusive statement is the jump-off point for this generations most inspiring creators.

The track itself: A provocative and enticing anthem, takes listeners beyond a normal listening experience. Not only does it slap, by surpassing the boundaries of their expectation, Raury, Chrystopherson, Dajaun Long, Tybass, Tru, Crystal Mec and everyone involved provide a raw, organic delivery of passion and promises. These boys sweet talk their way into your consciousness- wrapping you under the spell of their lyricism and musicality, and as they gear up to dominate the industry, the collective keeps everything tight and together. Listen to ‘Sugar &Spice’ below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor

Cover Art: Ceylon Chang