afro click photographer jessyca alves explores the beautiful diversity and identities of afro-brazilian women in ‘identidade negra’

August 2, 2016

‘Identidade Negra’ is the vibrant portrait series by Afro Click (photographer Jessyca Alves). The representational project documents and explores the incredible diversity of Afro-Brazilian women. With the series, Alves aims to explore the identities of these women, their journeys and struggles with self-discovery in a society that devalues and marginalizes them socioeconomically and representationally within the media. Though this isn’t a project about oppression so much as it is about reclaiming black identities and the pride that comes along with it.

Check out the full series and read each model’s story, right here.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

AgathaSoares, 19

Awane Borges

Cris Marques, 31

Flavia Regina, 21

Jessica DePaula Santos

Jessica Pink, 23

Juliana Andrade

Karol Zrodrigues, 18

Katia Marins, 49

Thamires Rodrigues

Lara Bispo, 17

Lenice Dixon, 17

Rosana Theodora, 25

Niz Souza

Valeska Kadichary, 18

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