feature: 15-year-old mit genius riri williams replaces tony stark as iron man

July 7, 2016

The comic book franchise is one virtually untouched by the notion of ‘black heroes’, but, in the upcoming episode of Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’, the tables are turning. Said to feature a 15- year old black girl as the headlining character, the comic industry is adding another necessary layer of representation for black girls everywhere. Teenage Riri Williams- a Chicago born science genius- was inspired by the ‘chaos and violence’ plaguing Chicago, and represents the power and strength that accompanies the rise of the oppressed. Especially being that the industry is so male-driven, this new feature is more revolutionary than one may realize; first released in 1963, ‘Iron Man’ is undoing a century-old exclusion, and writing a new story. Find more information below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor