feature: 12-year-old shi curry is the chef to watch, as she models and inspires youth to eat right in her new cookbook ‘s.n.a.c. it up!’

July 28, 2016

“FOR KIDS BY KIDS”: Chef and entrepreneur Shiona “Shi” Curry is turning heads and filling plates with her health-inspiring recipes and lifestyle consultations- oh yeah, and she’s 12. Already a fierce businesswoman, Curry has set her enterprise in motion; the CEO of ‘S.N.A.C. it up!’Curry is sitting back and watching it grow. Targeting the youth specifically- though her tips apply to all ages- the young chef tackles topics such as childhood obesity and diabetes, serving as an ally; guiding forks and minds with positivity and nutrients. Releasing her first cookbook in June, ‘S.N.A.C. it up!’ the chef also holds frequent seminars/workshops to further her cause. With a clear goal, and a fresh approach, Shi Curry is changing the game of health and food, giving the youth a much-needed voice. Check her out below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor