feature: comedian jessica williams goes her own way, leaving the daily show to star in her own comedy central show

June 30, 2016

Jessica Williams, best known for her work on The Daily Show is taking the wheel, ready to star in her own Comedy Central production. Williams, 26, continuously held the audience’s attention with to her satirically dry delivery and unapologetic cultural commentary. Working on the show for more than four years, her presence did more than just entertain, it served as a platform for the black female point of view to be properly heard. As Williams tackled the most sobering realities of the African American experience, her meticulous comedic timing and remorseless pushing of boundaries kept the audience on their toes, and often forced them to analyze a different perspective. Being the youngest correspondent to ever join the show, and now to leave it- Williams is ready to make a name of her own as she co-writes, produces, and stars in a new series; and while she will be missed on The Daily Show, her future and that for black female comedians, shines very bright. Check out more her work below.

By Cree B. McClellan