video premiere: afrotronix calls for a united africa in ‘sinon le pays va tomber’

May 31, 2016

As we’re gearing up for AFROPUNK Paris 2016, we’re premiering the brand-new video from AfrotroniX, who will perform at the event on June 3rd. An afrofuturistic extravaganza, an ode pan-africanism directed by Seif Abdelkerim and Mat Rich.
Afrotronix tells us: “The tittle of the song ‘Sinon Le Pays Va Tomber’ means ‘Or Else The Country Is Going Down’. In this song I say ‘we Africans have to unite and stand up for the fight that our revolutionary heroes have started, or else Sankara would’ve died for nothing, or else Senghor would’ve wrote for nothing, or else Mandela would’ve fought for nothing, so stand up or else the country is going down. (…) This is a song for all the Pan-Africanists who believe that the dream of a United Africa is still possible. This is an anthem to empower our new generation that is slowly redefining the stereotypes and is pushing the culture forward.”
Pump up the volume and check it out below!