afropunk premiere: fishbone’s angelo moore grapples with “centuries of heat” in his new video with brand new step #soundcheck

May 18, 2016

Though he’s probably best-known as the cartoon super hero at the heart of Fishbone, over the last few years Angelo Moore has turned Brand New Step into a strong creative force. The band gives Moore the freedom to explore neo-soul, acid-jazz, and robotic funk production, laced with his trademark horns and left-field sensibilities. Brand New Step’s latest single “Centuries of Heat” nods towards Sign ‘O’ The Times-era Prince, with lyrics about the way past oppression ripples through history, becoming modern tension and injustice. As Angelo Moore explains:

“’Centuries of Heat’ is about out of control militias and rogue government entities that have been in existence for hundreds of years; enforcing their ancient ways of rule with blind death and destruction as the retribution for people when their religious and political beliefs don’t line up. We are where we are because centuries of Heat have been building up : religious intolerance, police killing indiscriminately, mass shootings, Donald Trump: the symptoms of the disease…”

Centuries of Heat will be out on Ropedope Records on June 10th.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor