afropunk premiere: bronx-based emcee breeze embalm slays on this reimagining of audioslave’s ‘cochise’ #soundcheck

May 2, 2016

Bronx-based emcee Breeze Embalm just did the impossible: he made Audioslave sound exciting. Borrowing the riff from “Cochise,” he turns the song from a by-the-numbers modern rock single into something almost joyful. With Chris Cornell carrying the hook, the contrast between Breeze Embalm’s flow and Cornell’s thunderous wail elevates them both. The video’s bleary-eyed minimalism turns a shithole apartment into a character, finding surprising beauty in beer bottles on the floor, and unexpected optimism in a one-shoed man dancing alone in the middle of the night. The layers of contrast wind up finally living up to the early promise of Audioslave, for a track that’s kinetic and vital. ‘Cochise’ is a B-side track from Breeze’s latest album ‘Embalming Fluid’.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor