feature: rio de janerio photographer gabriel aguiar challenges masculinity with empowering series

April 12, 2016

Gabriel Aguiar is a Rio de Janeiro-based photographer and fine artist with a great eye for symmetry, clarity, and storytelling, which makes even his simpler, straight-forward images compelling. In the series down below, Aguiar features gay black models in military-inspired garb in an attempt to subtlety play with the stereotypes of masculinity and homosexuality; which are often viewed as contradictions by using them as empowering dualities. “The entire project concept is about black empowerment and the breaking of patterns of society. All models are gay, and the choice of military clothing (something quite male pattern) is to bring the contrast and irony, with a world of the black young , alternative, gay and social activist in Brazil,” Aguiar tells AFROPUNK.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Lucas André
Lucas Aniceto
Victor Leal

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